Saturday, 22 August 2009

Nice gift idea

These boxed four cup teapots from Emma Bridgewater are very homely looking and a great gift idea.

They can be ordered online. I've purchased some of the Emma Brigewater tea-towels before and they're favourite items.

I'm just doing some shameless advertising here, as I'm always a fan of teapot vendors....though I do wish they had some really groovy designs that aren't so patriotic and British. We need some unpatriotic Australian Boxed Teapots...and cosies...

Thursday, 20 August 2009

La Virgen de Regla Blanca

I just found this on flickr and feel all tingly and inspired to re-start making very fancy and ornate tea cosies to hone in on the concept of the tea cosy as a domestic shrine to shared moments!

I love the halo on this Virgin Mary....

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Father and daughter

Father and daughter
Originally uploaded by Claire Badcock
My mother took this 'portrait' of my father and I in my kitchen, through the mirror on the side of an antique set of American scales we have in our kitchen. Its a slightly spooky image of me in the old mirror and I love the overlaid texture....and Dad's expression, I can't remember what our conversation was about at the time....

There were cups of tea involved.....

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Living Creatively online feature

Living Creatively is an online editorial showcasing textile exhibitions, events, contemporary craft, and all things groovy to do with stitching and is based in Australia.

This month's feature is on me and my tea cosies!

They've really done an amazing article and used loads of pics....
I'm very honoured!

This image is of 'Joce's Platypus Cosy' and a C.J. Denis book of Australian vernacular poetry at the Lone Pine Memorial site in Turkey, taken in 2005.