Thursday, 15 July 2010

Let me introduce you...

To our new little boy, Felix William Anatole Badcock-Howe, born on the 8th July just before tea time!

He lights up our lives every morning an is the most glorious child, we feel really blessed....and terribly in awe of what we've made together, Rainier & I!

Warmth & sunshine to you all! xxxxxx

Monday, 5 July 2010

Getting ready to go to hospital...

And I remembered I wanted to find some music I love to play during labour...this one is making me cry too much (all those hormones!!), and I've always loved this video version made for SBS television in Australia...

These are the lyrics.
Sa ziza zecob dela dalou'a
Boralea'e borale mi komi oula
Etawuae'o ela'o coralia wu'aila
Ilei pandera zel e' tomu pere no mo mai
Alatawuan icas imani'u
Barletas e'e barkia'a
Pro'e lai e'le a pantou la'u
Ilei pandera zel e' tomu pere no mo mai
Sa ziza zecob dela dalou'a
Boralea'e borale mi komi oula
Alatawuan icas iwua'oula
Ilei pandera zel e' tomu pere no mo mai

Rose-Mount Tea Cosy, for my partner Rainier's parents.

While I await the birth of my first child I'm doing whatever I feel like and taking a little break from some orders that are taking longer than I'd hoped to finish, to complete a few things that I started last year! In other words, I'm procrastinating a bit!!

This cosy I started last year for my partner Rainier's parents, who love green and have a wonderful garden and farm with some lovely bushland on it in Mole Creek, northern Tasmania. Their farm is called Rose-Mount which I've embroidered with the date of their house on one side...

And on the other side I've embroidered Rainier's parent's initials and some roses...

I'll post some pics of the cosy in the garden at Rose-Mount soon....I'm being induced tomorrow night so I won't be very talkative on this blog for a week or two after baby arrives, unless I'm blessed with some extraordinary quantity of energy and find myself still sewing tea cosies in between changing nappies, breast feeding and naps!?!

Thanks to everyone who checks out my blog and apologies that it hasn't been very interesting of late, I've been a bit preoccupied..... ;-)