Monday, 8 August 2011

Another Musical favourite

I'm so besotted with this song and the film clip is stunning....brought to you by the fabulousness that is Gotye, collaborating with Kimbra.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Currently Listening to......

I love the song by Seeker Lover Keeper and Aden Young is quite incredible in this video clip...
So many complicated emotions coursing through his face and body [language]...
I think its the most entrancing interpretation of Female Experience I've ever seen expressed by a man...
And what a gorgeous man!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Back in the Tea Cosy making saddle!

 I've finally completed this tea cosy for an Opera singing friend who luckily loves pretty pink-ish things! I've had so much fun making this cosy, using blocks I cut for the second collection of home-wares I created for STORY online store, adding extra blocks and hand & freehand machine embroidered text that reads continuously "Home is where the heart is there's no place like Home".

These first two photos show the two largest sides and the following two images show the short ends...

I haven't stitched anything into the edges to add support, its just the thickness of all the fabrics and wool inter-lining that give structure when stitched right through. Its a very 'rustic' house shape and I love that its very personal and if the inside furnishings of the house have turned themselves to the exterior of the house!

Nice detail of a pompom tassle....

Detail of hand embroidered text...

I love this photo, the shadow the cosy has made is really nice...

I think a tea cosy ought to have a 'body' and a personality to make it special. This is what I'm always hoping to achieve whenever I make a cosy. Its a way of endearing such an object to a person, especially if that person has no real love for things like tea cosies (This Opera singing friend has a passion for them too, so I have no concerns there!)-  in my attempt to make tea cosies part of a person's everyday life in a meaningful way, I invest a lot of humour, humility, grace, fortitude & warmth into each cosy I create...I hope they bring joy and long-lasting pleasure!

Monday, 27 June 2011

If you're Passing by....?

It's been a while since I posted anything and I haven't been making any tea cosies for a little while- the demands of motherhood and orders for bags and cushions have been taking up much of my well as getting out in the fresh winter air and watching the trees change colour and leaves fall (my son Felix's favourite thing to do even though he cannot walk without holding my hands is to trot through the fallen leaves and kick them about, cackling and giggling all the time!! Its Very Cute!)

I'm currently finishing off three new tea cosies for private orders and it feels good to be back in the Land of all things Tea!

So while I stitch away on the cosies during any available moment I wanted to also post a call for the curious...

The fabulous online gallery/store I supply with work, STORY, is trying to get 1000 'Likes' on Facebook and so I thought I'd do my best to help out and spread the word.
If you would like to check out the lovely works on the website, and then mosey on over to their Facebook Page to hit the 'Like' button, they'll be very grateful for your interest and support.
And please feel free to pass on the link also and help STORY reach a wider audience.

STORY is offering a small thank you treat to those of us who spread the word too!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tea Cosy Exhibition and Fundraiser for the Cancer Council at Bundoora

The deadline is in April, so hopefully there's enough time to spread the word and get you all making and donating?! Hopefully I'll get one or two cosies finished in time....

Help Japan by donating to the Japan Red Cross

Details on how to donate click here


Thursday, 20 January 2011

STORY online store is now open for business!

Drum-roll please!!!

Monique Germon's new and elegant online store called STORY is now up and running and features a collection I've designed and hand made for her including these cushions and the two tea cosies I posted images of here previously.

Monique's philosophy is so down-to-earth and centered on integrity and beauty and she generously offers free postage within Australia for any purchases and includes a packet of Green Patch seeds with every parcel! What a lovely thing to do! (International postage rates are calculated at time of purchase/ wherever you are in the world you can enjoy STORY too)

I'm so in love with Monique's shimmery Emilia Earhart collar and look forward to being one of her first customers'll be perfect to wear to my sister's wedding next week!

Here is some information from the source:

"S T O R Y is the curation of ideas through product, word & the exploration of a new kind of narrative.

We take pleasure in exhibiting the work of individuals who make a significant contribution through the production of exceptional art & design.

We also take great pleasure in exhibiting the brands of like-minded others that produce items that transcend conventional market standards.

S T O R Y reveres authenticity above all & pays homage to this as a style unto itself. In other words, were born rural and remain so.

Most importantly, we honour the act of storytelling as an art form.

M O N I Q U E  G E R M O N
P R O P R I E T O R  / C R E A T I V E  D I R E C T O R

And the practical info:
 W W W . S T O R Y - T H E S T O R E . C O M
Site link:

Facebook Link:

Twitter Link:!/storythestore

Phone/email communications & mail outs / Tuesday - Thursday 11 - 5pm