Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Antique Tea Tin find

Inspired by a lovely blog I read often, Dill & Parsley, and a post showing a beautiful old Australian tea tin found by the side of the road, I'm inspired to share photos of my old tea tin too (thanks PK!)

I found this lovely old tea tin in a local Antique Bookstore in Deloraine a while ago and kept meaning to post images of it here. It must be depicting the Boer War or something from the 1890's, given the style of dress worn by the wife who is waiting patiently and hopefully at 'home' for her dashing soldier husband to return.
There are no brand names or any other text on the tin, so no tea company to link it to...

Its currently keeping my other tea tins company!

Sunday, 3 October 2010


Yes, It's here again and I've been asked to post info about it, so hopefully we can all help in some way, whenever we can?
I'll just post the message I received as my lactating-mother-brain finds anything else a little complicated!!
I will post a video from the website here too.

"On Oct. 4, Habitat for Humanity will join efforts around the world to mark World Habitat Day - a day the United Nations has set aside to call attention to the dire need for affordable, adequate housing. I'm reaching out to ask if you and your readers would help raise awareness about the global need for decent housing by posting about it on The Teacosy Revolution. I've put together a microsite with facts, videos, photos, banners and even a way to submit your own photo to the World Habitat Day Photo Wall, so please feel free to repost any of it:


If you are able to post about this, it would really help spread the message of the housing need around the world and ways to help improve many lives. Please let me know if you have any questions and if you are able to help. Thank you so much."