Monday, 28 January 2008

Article in Australian Country Style, January 2008

I've forgotten to post this news and the month is nearly over: There's an article on me and my work in this month's Australian Country Style magazine, if you have access to it, titled 'Art of the Tea Cosy', on page 74 & 75.
I'm really happy...its generating a bit of interest, which is I just have to hope for some sales to keep things rolling!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

January Mission...

I'm revisiting images of tea cosies I've made in the past three years, to give me some creative direction for this coming year.
These are images of 'Russian Caravan Cosy', made for a friend's mother in New Zealand...I'm hoping I haven't already posted these pics...I may have, so apologies for the double up...though they are lovely images and another tour of the tea tray is worth while.

Hand embroidery and applique on silk and vintage glace cotton found in a French Op-Shop in Cahors, is the basis for this cosy, with some delicate hand embroidered floiage and abstract flowers on the reverse side. The idea of the Babushka dolls and the Russian Easter eggs, all decorated with intricate paintwork inspired the appliqued egg-shaped design on the other side. I had the scent of smokey Russian Caravan tea in my nostrils as I was making it!

The photo was taken during a self-initiated arts residency at Hotel du Midi, in Lauzes, Southern France in 2005. It was a wonderful experience...and I can't wait for another opportunity to take myself on a tea cosy making retreat in February.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Welcome its 2008!
I dont have any specifically Teacosy* Revolutionary images or news just yet, for the new year...only that I've had an epiphany after hearing U.K fashion Queen, Vyvienne Westwood speak on radio about her new world changing Manifesto...and I feel spurred on after feeling a little desous and overwhelmed and direction-muddled about it all during the buikld-up to Christmas 2007.

So now I start the new year with gusto and a 'new' Antique teapot I found in a little antique shop in South Hobart, Tasmania, when I was staying with friend, fellow teapot enthusiast and avid tea drinker, the delightful Monique Germon of Love & Clutter fame!

So here's a picture...and I wish you all a very wholesome, healthy and teaparty-filled year, and ther'll be more from me in the coming weeks. xxxTara