Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas & New Year...

I will be having another Tea Cosy giveaway in January so please visit my blog again in the New Year for details.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful and relaxing Christmas and festive New Year and hope to see/read you and your comments again in 2010.

Thank you to everyone who has checked out my blog and offered comments and links during 2009, its so wonderful to be connected to so many amazing people all over the world!

Here is a wonderful treat to end the year on, I hope you enjoy it?!


I have some news....its quite BIG news for me too....
I found out a few weeks ago that I'm unexpectedly pregnant, which explains why I've had three months of feeling exhausted and sleeping all the time and nausea and particular cravings!!!
Its been a total shock, and yet I'm coming to terms with it all now and starting to feel excited about it now that the first three months are just over...

And anyway, I REALLY needed a huge break -after working for months and months every day & all day & usually most of the night too- an enforced break otherwise I was heading for a huge crash, emotional and physical, so I guess a pregnancy is the only thing that was going to stop me!

Out of my slower and calmer days I've managed to make a few things, not many, which is lovely really!
This tea cosy is inspired by one of my favourite French artists, Nathalie L'Ete book my parents brought back from Tokyo for me recently, called The A to Z of Nathalie L'Ete.

It will be on my Etsy store soon too.