Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Queen was in the Parlour, eating bread and honey...

With a special and glorious cup of Mariage Frères Happy Queen tea!!

Seeing their new tea for the Queen's Silver Jubilee has inspired me to make a collection of elegant and Queenly tea cosies, to add some sparkle and lusciousness to the gloomy grey of winter...

I'm not really 'into' the Royal Family from a moral standpoint, I'm more interested in Australia being a Republic; and yet, I am REALLY into dress-ups, which the Royals do well!

Now to look for some diamonds, diamanté beads and anything sparkly...

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

TICK TOCK its Tea Time again!

Finally I'm posting something after a motherhood-inspired absence of half a year!!
Time really does fly, and luckily I'm still making work!

A recently finished tea cosy which follows on from the other Sugarpink Colonial cosies I've previously made, will be featured in the Sunday Age's 'Sunday Guide' on the 6th May.
Here is a peek of the cosy, up close and personal...

 Rosettes are featuring heavily in my work at the moment- inspired by a strong memory from my childhood! I was obsessed for a time with awards and prizes and it probably stems from trips to the Deloraine Agricultural Show when I was little. The embroidered silver jug on the rosette side of the cosy is inspired by the glorious collection at the Allport Museum of Fine Arts in Hobart, Tasmania.

I've run out of transfer printed silk 'people' and so I freehand machine embroidered this soldier, based on a drawing of 'early years of the colony of New South Wales' I found in the Australian fashion history book titled 'Parade'.
The star pin is an Etsy find from America.