Saturday, 19 January 2008

Welcome its 2008!
I dont have any specifically Teacosy* Revolutionary images or news just yet, for the new year...only that I've had an epiphany after hearing U.K fashion Queen, Vyvienne Westwood speak on radio about her new world changing Manifesto...and I feel spurred on after feeling a little desous and overwhelmed and direction-muddled about it all during the buikld-up to Christmas 2007.

So now I start the new year with gusto and a 'new' Antique teapot I found in a little antique shop in South Hobart, Tasmania, when I was staying with friend, fellow teapot enthusiast and avid tea drinker, the delightful Monique Germon of Love & Clutter fame!

So here's a picture...and I wish you all a very wholesome, healthy and teaparty-filled year, and ther'll be more from me in the coming weeks. xxxTara


The Exton Gardener said...

That's such a yummy teapot!

What is Vivienne W on to now? After reading that biography on her I'm wondering what direction she is travelling now and whose influence she is currently under. Or has she found herself at last?

Fer said...

Noice teapot darl! If I remember rightly, it seems that Vivienne Westwood always manages to give you an inspirational kick start when you need it most! Looking forward to seeing the results pet!!