Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Tea cosy pattern from Weldon's Practical Crochet magazine of 1880-something

More from my farm auction hoard...a Weldon's Practical Crochet pattern magazine tea cosy to make.
If anyone would like a free copy of this 1880's pattern mailed to them, then please email me at the address at the top of this blog.
Please also pass this blog link on to anyone you think will be interested...the more people who have a chance to share these things, the better! Hopefully we'll all have a go at making this and can share the images later?!


The Exton Gardener said...

I'd love a copy - what a cosy! Time I dusted off my double ended bone crochet hook, though it's not as if I'm looking for something to do ...

Fer said...

Ooo, can I have one too? Might be just the thing to do on the trips to Bruny and back!!

Loving the new banner here too!