Saturday, 26 July 2008

Late night cup of tea in our hotel at Trogen, Switzerland

Travel tea...with complimentary Swiss wrapped sugar cubes (collect the whole set of Confederate shields...I can't remember how many there are...23 I think?!)...and restorative Belgian chocolate (for a change from Swiss chocolate!)

Our hotel was near Trogen, which is very close to St Gallen...where there is a fantastic textile museum that is showing a really good exhibition of 100 years of underwear...curated by Paris-based lingerie designer, Chantal Thomass.

St Gallen is a great city, very Swiss-chic and I imagine it's full of ski crazy people in winter.

This is a photo of the Red Carpet for St Gallen Project, created by Architect Carlos Martinez and multimedia artist Pipilotti Rist. It's a permanent public art installation and is a really nice meeting place...easy to find!!

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