Sunday, 21 June 2009

Teapot Monument in the UK

Carole Miles in the UK has given me permission to post her photos of this Teapot Obelisk at Deene House which she took recently.
There is also more info about Deene Park here (click on the highlighted text).

What a fantastic idea! Carole said the obelisk was erected to celebrate the millennium and I really cannot think of a more peaceful and nourishing icon to honour in this way (I'm biased of course!) least its a symbol that everyone can identify with, rather than a huge bronze of some self-important person seeking representational immortality and only really know by a few! (I had Mariage Freres' French Breakfast Tea this morning and I'm feeling a little anti-bourgeois, even though Maison Mariage Freres is a modern bourgeois symbol!)

And a lovely detail of the teapot atop its perch!


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Oh so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!