Thursday, 17 December 2009


I have some news....its quite BIG news for me too....
I found out a few weeks ago that I'm unexpectedly pregnant, which explains why I've had three months of feeling exhausted and sleeping all the time and nausea and particular cravings!!!
Its been a total shock, and yet I'm coming to terms with it all now and starting to feel excited about it now that the first three months are just over...

And anyway, I REALLY needed a huge break -after working for months and months every day & all day & usually most of the night too- an enforced break otherwise I was heading for a huge crash, emotional and physical, so I guess a pregnancy is the only thing that was going to stop me!

Out of my slower and calmer days I've managed to make a few things, not many, which is lovely really!
This tea cosy is inspired by one of my favourite French artists, Nathalie L'Ete book my parents brought back from Tokyo for me recently, called The A to Z of Nathalie L'Ete.

It will be on my Etsy store soon too.


Susan said...

Wow! Congratulations. I saw your photo of this cozy on flickr and wandered over here only to discover your terrific news.

fabulous. all of it.

Sarah B said...

Hi Tara, congratulations on your big exciting news, WOW!! Have a lovely Christmas!! xx

The Kings said...

So exciting Tara!! You will be an awesome Mum.

kris said...

So exciting!


Lots of new inspiration for making projects perhaps..?

anastasia said...

beautiful cozy; the shots of turquoise and hot pink are exciting! i'm adding it to my wish list now.

you're going to have thrilling days ahead; just keep in mind that eventually the child grows up, gets married, and becomes someone elses' pain in the derriere. but till then, enjoy their funny times, laugh at their weird moments, and try to not to cry when they're being mean and obtuse.

sue c said...

I've only just found your news Tara – congratulations! Must be comforting to have an explanation for your exhaustion. Best to float along now and take on as little as possible, I reckon.
And I've just been watching the video of Nathalie Lete's painting in the Tokyo shopfront. Suspect you may have already seen it but just in case:

Hope you can enjoy your unexpected slow down.
Sue in Reading X

Gabbi said...

Love your work, Tara! I saw the piece on you in the March issue of Notebook and came rushing over for a look :)

I've been agonising over whether or not to send this message because I hate to be nitpicky, but I just want to point out that in the Its Tea Time and Its Hot labels the 'its' should take an apostrophe - eg It's Tea Time and It's Hot. As well as loving all things crafty, I'm a book editor by trade so I just couldn't help myself, especially knowing that you make items to sell.

See if you want further explanation.

Please don't take this as criticism, but feedback meant in the nicest manner. Congratulations too on your baby news - the most exciting of times!