Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bienvenue chez 2010!!

A slow & calm start to the year, which is very uncharacteristic of me and matches my slower pace of life now I'm pregnant. I'm learning to embrace the transformation process and not feel guilty that I don't want to work 28 hours straight on an embroidery anymore!!

A couple of exciting things have happened to start the year off and they are:

A five page feature on my work, my home and me in Australian House & Garden magazine (February issue out now), from page 54,


A couple of my Summer collection cushions are featured on page 46 in Vogue Living Jan/Feb 2010, in an image of the wonderful Monique Germon's POP-UP CO-OP store project with Sarah King & Tamara Maynes, in Bowral, New South Wales. My 'Tea For Life' cosy is in the second image.

Images courtesy of Monique Germon at PUBLIC OFFICE.

On the tea cosy front I have several half-finished cosies which greet me every morning and are just asking to be finished....so I'm working away at some retail orders and once they're done and mailed off I can 'treat' myself to some tea cosy stitching!
Can't wait!! I do wish there were more hours in each day and that I could afford to employ people to sew for me as well...this WILL happen, maybe next year if I don't lose my mind being a mother ;-)(Do I sound slightly apprehensive?!)

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Sarah B said...

Hi Tara, wow, it
s going to be an exciting year fo you. I haven't yet congratulated you. I think I'd be feeling a little apprehensive as well!!
You have given me the perfect excuse to buy yet another house magazine! Congrats on the story
Sarah x