Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Every week I will be uploading images from my tea cosy collection and any Teaparty Performances that will be happening over the coming months.

This tea cosy was found in my favourite antique shop in Hobart, Tasmania about 9 years ago. It's a crazy patchwork cosy filled with fabric scraps...the ultimate 'mend and make do' object! I love it, it's so worn and tea stained and still manages to maintain a cheerful personality...if a tea cosy can be said to have a personality?!!

The other side of the cosy. I suppose I ought to mend parts of it...I just like it the way it is!

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Fer48 said...

It's so sweet! I seem to becoming more and more attracted to crazy patchwork - I need to get out of my symmetrical box and become more asymmetrical!!

Love lots, Fer