Saturday, 25 August 2007

This is a tea cosy I made recently for the girls at Love & Clutter in Hobart, Tasmania, to thanks them for selling my textile stuff so well over the past year! ( I photographed this cosy in the dining room of our new home, a largish farmhouse in the north of Tasmania, with its sprawling views of sheep and general farm life and mountains, etc, it's a damn fine location and is proving fruitful and inspirational as the new Teacosy* Revolution Headquarters.......first this dining room, then THE WORLD!!! (To tea-room-infinity and beyond!!) More Revolution updates to come...if there is anyone reading this blog?? Please leave me a comment sometime so I know I'm not talking to just myself!!!


Anonymous said...

I've been reading - honest!!! I've just sent the link for you blog to Rosie so she could see the photo of Gus, he does look so sweet in his coat - you might even get a commission from her too!

It's a gorgeous cosy. Don't forget to bring me stuff to work on for you too.

Have fun in Hobart, Fer.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading too, though I had to trawl back through my emails to find the link to put it on bookmarks. Your family still loves you!
The Exton Gardener

love said...

i'm reading it!

Jean said...

I've been reading your sisters blog at Anyway, she has sent us onto you to see your tea cozies! They are pretty cozy looking! And on top of that... I love your teapot! Very nice. Good luck on your plot! Just kidding. Yes, I'm reading your blog at least... seems others also! Jean- Utah- USA