Saturday, 15 December 2007

"Teacosy Number 20; Bonny Wee Haggis Cosy", 2007.
I made this tea cosy in June this year and its a personal favourite, with the old piece of bagpipe I found in a junk shop stitched into the cosy!

The cosy has been inspired by three favourite comic things:

1) the underwater bagpipe taxi in one of the Goon Show episodes,

2) Monty Python's Flying Circus' sketch where the Blancmanges (who are alien invaders friom another planet), challenge Scotland to a Wimbledon tennis match, because Scotland is the only country that has [had?] never won Wimbledon and the Blancmanges knew they couldnt lose...and this was the reason they invaded earth..... anyway, the Scottish tennis player was all kitted out with Kilt, sporrin, floppy tartan hat and red hair and beard...

3) One of my all-time favourite dinner parties in Paris with my Anglo-Australian friends, the Moen siblings; John had brought a really good (?!) haggis from Inverness in Scotland and we cooked it up with parsnips and vegies in my tiny Chambre de Bonne in Paris, above my employer's apartment, 10 square metres and us three squished around my card table dining table making jokes about wild roaming haggis in our mock Scottish accents...hence the name, Bonny Wee Haggis.

This tea cosy is currently on display at Artifakt Gallery in Deloraine, Northern Tasmania and was purchased by a friend of mine who seems keen on my tea cosies...which is fantastic!!!

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Fer48 said...

och eye, that's a right good 'un! I hadn't seen that one, absolutely naff!