Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Teacosy* Revolution Portrait: Wesleydale Gothic, December 2007

Today my friend Monique and I 'enacted' a new Teacosy* Revolution Portrait, one which I have been itching to make for nearly a year! The inspiration for the image comes from old family photo postcards I have collected from Antique shops and second-hand bookshops, which mostly date from the late Victorian and Edwardian eras...lots of heavy black silk dresses and dour facial expressions as the subjects of the portraits strained to hold their poses in front of the slow and sensitive old tripod cameras with their glass negative plates. I love all that loaded imagery and those loaded metaphores, resplendent on a 2D surface.

The two tea cosies in the image are: 'Teacosy* Number 28; Black Widow Cosy', 2006-2007, & 'Teacosy* Number 3; Holy Trinity Cosy', 2007. Both cosies, collection: The Artist.
Photographer: Rainier Howe
Location: Wesleydale Farm Estate, Tasmania


Fer48 said...

Ooooo, so beautiful. Nice to see the chapel being used to great effect too.

Anonymous said...

Make a great Christmas card - or sympathy card! I think the chapel has been waiting for this photo to be taken for a hundred years or more!
The Exton Gardener