Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Tara's Birthday Tea Party at Binnalong Bay

For my birthday today, my lovely darling partner Rainier took me for a 'mystery drive' today and we ended up on the east coast of Tasmania at Binnalong Bay for the was lovely, the light was gorgeous and we had tea on a small, white sand filled beach with only a distant fisherman in sight...such a glorious 'day out' and a much needed and appreciated break from working life for both of us...I highly recommend it, ha ha!!!
Cameo shot of my favourite antique silver teapot that's been with me for about ten years!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos Tarz! Happy happy birthday! Wish I could go to a Tasmanian beach right about now!

The Exton Gardener said...

You lucky, lucky b...! What a wonderful day for you. You look so lovely too.

Fer said...

Awww, that's so noice! Happy birthday again my dear. Nice to see the blog updated too!