Saturday, 26 April 2008

Exciting find in an Antique Shop yesterday......

I'm so excited about finding this tea set in an antique shop in Deloraine yesterday. I'm sure its a Chinese tea set made of very fine ironstone ceramic, unglazed and in nearly perfect condition. It looks so new that I cannot even start to understand how I would date the tea set...I'm not familiar enough with the design-dating could be 1920's or earlier...or later, for all I know?!

Anyway, its very beautiful and exquisitely designed and made with only a miniscule chip on one of the now I can practice my Chinese tea ceremony, pouring tea back and forth into pot and cup until it' 'ready' to drink. A friend gave me some Chinese rolled-leaf oolong tea she bought in Shanghai last year, so this will be perfect!
A tea cosy for this teapot...well, I think I'll make myself an embroidered silk tea-set-cosy instead, something to keep it safe and clean with!

I invite you all for a virtual cup of Oolong with me!


The Exton Gardener said...

What a wonderful thing. Book me in for a real, as well as, virtual cuppa. I don't know how you'd date these things but you'd expect it to be pre WW2 and China was locked up after that.

Fer said...

So beautiful. Me wants a real cuppa too! Don't know when but I s'pose it'll happen sometime!

PS. We had oolong for breakfast this morning so I was with you in spirit!