Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Amazing Tea Cosy Purse thing!

Wow! My gorgeous friend Gwena just emailed me these images of a purse-like tea cosy a friend of hers in New South Wales has and which kept the tea pot toasty warm during Gwena's last visit to her friends' place.

Its a really fascinating and eminently practical solution to the tea cosy design question...and I must admit its just the inspirational direction I've been looking for with my tea cosy works...somehow to inject some high glamour and historical/social narrative into my tea cosy form and designs!

So there are going to be some interesting and hopefully quite glamorous tea cosy handbag-purses parading forth from my studio during the coming (wintery Tasmanian) months! Oooooh, can't wait...and thank you so much for these images Gwena, you're a treasure!

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Fer said...

Priceless! Perfect for picnics, much prettier than a thermos. Mind you, there are some pretty thermos' out there, I can think of Cath Kidston for one.

But I digress, I presume the stains are from when the teapot has sloshed a bit? Kind of adds to the effect though really.