Sunday, 7 September 2008

And on the Tea Cosy front...

I've been a little neglectful of the actual tea cosy side of this tea cosy dedicated blog lately, and now that I'm at home in Tasmania and winter is starting to turn into spring (I cant tell you how grateful I am to my tea cosies during my working days, and indeed any day!), I'm processing all the fabulous sights and discoveries from my recent trip to Europe and waiting to see what sort of cosies are going to be born.

I'm really keen on the whole glamour of Paris Department stores and the aspirations of individuals, so I want to make some quite tailored cosies in "finest woole aynd silkes", very chic and that point of erotic control which the French seem to achieve so well through dress and (city)lifestyle!

Oh and I have started an Etsy store:
So I'll be uploading a tea cosy section soon too...

Its just a good way for me to reach a broader audience and I'm hoping it will help me hone my retail knowledge and skills and eventually find some good actual retail shops in the world for my work?! That's my current mission....alongside all my other 'current missions'...who said life is short?!!

Wishing you all very well with your daily tea drinking, and let me know if you need a new tea cosy? I'm happy to work to a tight budget, or do swaps....

So this is my most fabulous clothing creation from recent months, to give you an idea of where I'm taking my tea cosy by the fabulously talented Alan Moyle (, and my friend Anoushka Hughes is my model and lucky recipient of this hand embroidered pink silk camisole with real Macaw feathers (courtesy of my neighbours, Deb and Scott Wilson).
You can also see more info and images about this garment and the project it is part of, called Beautiful Empire, a collaboration with Monique Germon (, at our blog:

Thanks for visiting!

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