Saturday, 27 September 2008

Devonshire Tea at Neil Pitt's Menswear store

This is a regular thing I do with dear friends CatRabbit (Cat Badcock, a distant relation and craft superstar), and Alan Moyle (Photobat, fabulous Tasmanian photographer), at Neil Pitt's Menswear Store in Launceston, Tasmania. Devonshire Tea here costs $6.50 and the scones are homemade and the tea comes in little old embossed aluminium teapots, it's totally fabulous!!

Neil Pitt's occupies the old 'Majestic Theatre' in Brisbane St, Launceston and a few weeks ago we managed to ask for and receive a quick tour of the upstairs part, to discover the late 19th Century ceiling and lead-light fan lights intact above a false floor used for storage. It was a magical moment...and will probably lead to a photographic project for Alan, and emerge in my work and Cat's somehow too.


The Exton Gardener said...

The Noritake milk jug/sugar bowl are SO 70's! Wish you had photos of the theatre decor .. how I long to see it all.

Fer said...

Man, I've only heard about what's up there - I'm so jealous!

Love the groovy retro style of your Devonshire Tea, the funny part of it though is that it's probably never changed since the 1970's!