Monday, 20 October 2008

Spring in Tasmania...

I found this lovely sewing magazine in Troyes, France, during my last trip. It was published in March 1952, and the title, 'Mon Ouvrage', translates as 'My Work'.
I was hoping I'd discover a French tea cosy pattern inside, though I wasn't that has mostly clothing and table linen and Broderie Anglaise patterns, which are lovely, though not as exciting for me as a tea cosy!

The previous owner has traced over the cover design to get an embroidery pattern, which is a nice touch!
Birds don't really feature on my tea cosies, as yet...I like these colours though, very 'Spring'...the question is now: How to make these colours look funky and contemporary and....Revolutionary!!??!!

To be continued in Tea Cosy format.....soon I hope...eeeek, so much work i want to do, not enough time....

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