Monday, 27 October 2008

Weekly Times Australian Tea Cosy Pattern

An Australian Crocheted Classic!
This pattern is from the Weekly Times Farmer's Handbook, Sixth Revised Edition 1978.
I have to check with them that its alright to publish these images here...wooops!

I'll make sure its fine and then the usual offer is in place: if you would like a copy of this pattern sent to you, then please leave me a comment here and I will answer with a request for your contact details (which are then disclosed to no other person or organisation)...and I wish you happy crocheting!!

My aim is to be able to follow a crochet or knitting pattern one day! My brain is too active and I constantly move on to something different and come back to projects in circles until they are completed! It keeps me entertained and thats the main thing!!


Fer said...

Priceless! I'll say no though - I know too well I'd never get to it!!

Every now and again I pick up that other pattern you gave me, I really want to do that one - keep my embroidery skills up to speed etc etc...

a good yarn said...

Darls, it's maaaarvellous! I'm afraid that filet crochet is not my forte though. I used to crochet milk jug covers with the little glass beads.

It's a great pattern though. A real classic.

Cheers...Ann :)