Saturday, 8 November 2008

A call for conributions: Help the Fabric of Resistance!

I just found this site for The Fabric of Resistance, which is probably naughty of me to post again here, though its just so exciting and inspiring to have found it, that it must be shared!
And if you know of anyone, or even yourself, who has participated in some form of resistance action or protest, in relation to this project, please follow the link to contribute your story.

The following image and text are from the Fabric of Resistance project site:
(Image is of Handkerchief embroidered by Janie Terrano in Holloway Prison 1912.)

We can best help you prevent war not by repeating your words and following your methods but by finding new words and creating new methods - Virginia Woolf

"Welcome to the Fabric of Resistance!

One of the things that has becomes very clear in doing and talking to other people about radical craft is that political and radical craft is far from a new idea. What is also clear is that this amazing herstory is way too absent from history books. It seems that even feminist political action herstory books marginalise the art and creative responses to political issues.

So we have started this wiki as a public archive of profiles of activists who use(d) craft as a way of communicating their ideas, resistance and vision. And at some point in the future, all these stories will be collated into a book.

This wiki is a constant work in progress. So this is a call out is for the stories of women and men you know in your community who use craft as a form of resistance.

Please add your stories, preferably with images. We want to know names, dates and issues. But we're especially interested in the stories behind the work. Tell us about the design processes as well as the creation process. If you want help with questions to ask people let us know.

And please don’t hold back because you think some information you have is not significant enough. Even if you just remember someone’s name from some protest back in the day, add it in because it might be a good lead for some else to follow up on.

Finally, please pass this information on to people you know who might want to help collect these stories. We need this call out to go as far and wide as possible.

Love and rage and solidarity"

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neta said...

This sounds so fascinating! I am so curious about, can you please mail me the link? I tried to follow the link above and it says that page can't be found.