Thursday, 11 December 2008

Profoundly Inspiring...

One of the most inspiring artists and his work I've ever encountered (in Paris).

Arthur Bispo do Rossario
had a fascinating life and his textile artwork is totally mind-blowing. I've attached an image of one of my favourite pieces of his. It keeps me inspired when Im the way that embroidery can be so much more than just decoration and prettiness, it can have such a deep social and socio-political resonance and affect others for years, centuries, millennia!


The Exton Gardener said...

That's the most amazing work. Is it all embroidered? The time it must take!

Fer said...

Wonderful. It almost has a Bayeaux feel to it.

PS. Todays word verification is 'rested', how ironic...!

a good yarn said...

Breathtaking. I can understand why this work inspires and motivates you. Let's hope it survives for many years to come.

Ann :)