Tuesday, 14 April 2009

We all want more time, don't we?

I'm feeling quite flat today because of an injury I sustained at the gym over a week ago! Its not healing as fast as I'd like it to (of course), and I'm getting tired of hobbling around and feeling grumpy with a flu coming on! I really don't want to get sick now, I have so much work to get done by the end of April, for three exhibitions!

I don't even feel like making any tea cosies, so I know things are getting serious and I need to 'snap out of it' and 'give myself a break', etc...enjoy being poorly and make myself a pot of Mariage Freres Ceylon tea...

I've also been checking out my sister Shannon's Live Journal site where she reviews books and films and found this stunningly good value Advertisement from New Zealand.

I hope you all had a relaxing Easter break?

1 comment:

Fer said...

Poor pumpkin! I'm sure you'll be cheered up a lot tomorrow.

PS. The Gruen Transfer has just come on ABC, and one of the panel is called Russell Howecock - how about that?!!!