Saturday, 16 May 2009

Tea with Friends...

I've decided to start featuring friends on this blog, and ask them to contribute images of their tea cosies, teapots, their most comfortable place to take tea...and any comments and information they would like to contribute.

This post is dedicated to the very talented Monique Germon and her new home in Bundanoon, NSW.

'Afternoon tea at my place consists of lighting the fire, making tea and either talking
to a friend or writing or reading a letter to/from one of my three pen pals;
Olga - an 89 year old Russian ex-mid wife, Sally - artist, writer & twin sister by fate
and Oliver - age 9 going on 29, residing in Stanley, Tasmania.'

A little background info on Monique:
Monique Germon is a hybrid artist-designer who works primarily under an idea-based practice of story-telling. This practice translates through photography, writing, design & installation often incorporating contradiction, irony and a tragicomic perspective. Her work nestles in amongst Humanist & Existentialist philosophies, mostly honing in on the constraints that accompany the prejudices of personal narratives. Monique currently lives & works between The Southern Highlands, Sydney (NSW) & Hobart (TAS).

Monique and I are in an exhibition titled 'Crafty', curated by Cat Badcock, which opens near the end of June 2009.

Monique also has a blog, Public Office where she investigates and expresses her passion for music, art, literature, correspondence, fashion and life, and the connections between these disciplines and a sense of place and geographical location.

I'm a huge fan of Monique's clothing also, and wear her divine antique mangle-cloth skirts based on Victorian-era work clothes...Monique's skirts are real treasures, total staples and I always feel great when I wear them!

The red knitted tea cosy was a gift I gave Monique after I had an exhibition in conjunction with Bundoora Homestead's Tea Cosy Exhibition and auction for the Cancer Council in 2008, and just seemed perfect for Monique's aesthetic...I'm glad it fits her teapot! It's so wonderful sharing the tea cosy love around...I can't wait to do another tea cosy giveaway!!


Fer said...

Monique has a very lovely kitchen, and the tea cosy does fit in perfectly.


What a great idea, I love her kitchen.