Thursday, 15 October 2009

Finally...I've made some new tea cosies to show off!

I finished these two coises yesterday and mailed them to my friend Monique Germon's new collaborative retail enterprise, POP-UP CO-OP which is open for one month in the town of Bowral, south of Sydney.

I've been wanting to try freehand machine embroidering in a more 'drawing-ly' manner, so I referenced a lovely Bennison linen printed Toile which has this Pagoda/pavilion building on it..and in my thread drawing on the tea cosy, I have stitched a sprouting tea plant in a pot, to symbolise the cycle of sustainable production, consumption and renewal which I always associate with tea drinking and gardening!

This is the other side of the cosy, where I embroidered the Chinese character for 'Tea' (courtesy of the please tell me if I've got it wrong?)

This cosy is a follow-on from all the Mexican Teaparty scarves I've been making. This cosy is a little more 'Spring-y' with the flowers on one side. I wanted the skull side to feel a little more Piratical and "You'll NEVER stop me drinking tea, nya ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!" ('til I die), etc etc....and I like my tea cosies to carry meaningful messages!


Sarah B said...

Thy're lovely Tara! I particularly like the second one. x

mrs smith said...

Your work is so divine!

I met you once or twice at niche through our mutual Loz and Dinny friend. My family - me, husband and trois enfants- is off to France next year, and as you are such a seasoned Parisienne I was wondering if you had any recommendations for locations to stay in Paris? I don't know one arrondissement from another and, quite frankly, they all look good to me?

We are also going to the southwest and Provence.

If you had any recommendations or suggestions I would be incredibly grateful.

Thanks so much,