Saturday, 1 May 2010

Anatomy of a Tea Cosy commission, March, Stage 4

After finishing all my work for Tiger & Peacock in North Fitzroy (Melbourne) a week and a half ago, I'm finally back onto this tea cosy commission and luckily the lovely client is very understanding and patient!

Today I finished the birds on this side of the cosy, ironed and photographed it to post here. Now I'm chain stitching the Mercedes car on the other side of the cosy and hope to get it all finished by Monday evening.

One very voluptuous embroidered peony...

Its very exciting getting close to finishing this cosy, I cannot wait to see how it looks once its all together!


Sarah B said...

Total gorgeousness!! I hope you are well Tara x

Appleshoe said...

That peony is absolutely Amazing.

Anonymous said...

we hope you like our project: a residence for illustrators and crafters in Spain

anastasia said...

do you use an embroidery frame when you hand stitch? at times i do not care for how it stretches the fabrics; but when machine embroidering it is helpful.

oh! before i forget, is it possible to clean your little zipper purses, mine is getting a little bit dingy?

your new cushion line is coming along quite exotic, very rich, perhaps some sari fabrics would be a neat thing to experiment with.

hope all is well!

a good yarn said...

Exotic! Your work for Tiger & Peacock is stunning. Ann.