Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Where have all the Tea Cosies Gone?

This is the title of the exhibition I will be giving a talk at tomorrow (8th May 2008), at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre.
I will post images when I've taken some.

Thursday May 8 @ 2.00pm
The Teacosy* Revolution; To Infini TEA and Beyond!
Tara Badcock, tea cosy revolutionary, explores the tea cosy's role in society. 'The maligned and much forgotten hero(ine) of the tea party seems destined to the fate of an outdated and redundant object of ridicule. Yet, consider the function and aesthetic significance of a tea cosy and you will find more than tea stained knitting and lumpy woollen padding with faded, rotting embroidery. A tea cosy for me is the conversation around the teapot, an object of domestic worship and a catalyst for debate and modern threads of contention'.


aurillia said...

Not for the first time do I wish I drank tea! Honestly, with your tea cosies and the lovely teapots I've come across, I'm tempted to "acquire" some just cause they're so lovely!

Fer said...

Good-o! I'll have a cuppa for ya!

The Exton Gardener said...

And wasn't that a highly justified and eloquent rant,too! You'll have to go abroad preaching in one of they Morris vans ...