Wednesday, 11 March 2009

My Newest Delivery...

Last night I finished stitching this tea cosy which some friends commissioned late last year! Time flies when one isn't looking!

The brief from my client friends was to include their dog, Coco, a peony flower and then the rest was up to knowing my friends as I do, I decided to include Tim's vintage Bugatti as well as something a bit silly and English- the rubber duckie with a crown a la 'Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy' record cover...Tim is English and has a great sense of humour and works in special effects for film as well as being an artist.

His partner Carolyn I haven't known for as long. She's an artist also and so I hope I've included enough that is 'her' on the side with the flower (there wasn't enough 'comfortable' room for Coco on the Bugatti side)?!

I'll see what they think when they come to collect it!

Hand and freehand machine embroidery on silk, mangle cloth, Tasmanian wool, Japanese cotton lining.

This cosy has an additional removable woollen interlining in case the cosy isn't snug enough on the teapot...and where my friends live it gets very cold in winter!

Dimensions: 47 x 44cm
Collection: Tim Whiteley & Carolyn Edgecombe, Tasmania
Photos: The Artist


Fer said...

Perfect!! I was admiring the photos on Flickr earlier - it's much better quality than Blogger.

anastasia said...

the free-hand crown is excellent. the ducky must be most proud.