Sunday, 15 March 2009

Teacosy* Number 12; Molker Milch Leibling at the Dairy, 2009

I finished this tea cosy last night to deliver to the Great Western Tiers Visitor's Centre in Deloraine today. They asked me to lend them a tea cosy because a few people travelling through the area have come in and asked for 'the young woman who makes tea cosies', and they want to be able to give people some information about local artists like myself!

The Deloraine area is becoming well known for its English-style hard cheeses and Dairy industry in general, and so this little tea cosy is a quaint honouring of this industry...and uses Swiss cotton checked fabric I bought at a flea market in Zurich last winter, and the cow's neck collar has the Swiss flag on it (my favourite Gruyere cheese is made locally by a Swiss émigré called Frank Marchant who started Heidi Farm Cheese and who now works for Lactos, a big cheese producing company in the north west of Tasmania (his cheese is the best though!)

Hand embroidered Swiss cotton, with applique silk and old fabric name tags 'Mrs Westbrook', silk, Tasmanian wool interlining, Japanese cotton, brass bell.

Dimensions: 30 x 38cm
Collection: Great Western Tiers Visitor Centre, Deloraine
Photos: The Artist


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very nice and enjoy the explanations too.

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