Sunday, 14 March 2010

Amazing Museum Tea cosy find....

Last Friday I spent a very productive day with curator Elizabeth Adkins at Franklin House in Launceston, in Northern Tasmania.

We are working on an exhibition/collaboration about Tasmanian Women's underwear between 1820 (European settlement/Occupation), and 1930. Franklin House is a National Trust property which happily has a fabulous small collection of antique clothing which we spend 4 hours inspecting and documenting for specific items.

Our current working title for the exhibition project is 'Intimacy' & Elizabeth will be curating the exhibition, drawing on the collections of Tasmania's small museums, and writing the exhibition essay....and I will be responding to the collections we inspect as well as the general historical background and traditions associated with Women's Underwear in Australia and in particular, Tasmania. So I will create a body of embroidered textile artworks which reflect all our research and field trips to inspect collections.

So far Elizabeth and I have been to see and document the lovely collections at the Smithton Museum in North-West Tasmania, and now Franklin House near Launceston. We have a huge schedule of more road trips and will start a new blog about this exhibition project to share the exciting results with everyone who is interested!

During our inspection at Franklin House we found this magnificent treasure....a truly Majestic Tea Cosy of exciting proportions....and so interestingly made to resemble Peacock plumage to some extent. I was so excited about finding it that I HAD to share these pics....!

Also another blog that I love and want to share with you is Toronto based Flock of Teacosy. Check out Michaelle's lovely felted wool cosies.....I'm hoping my sister in Toronto can get me one for my birthday in April?!


Fer said...

What an ingenious cosy, basically folded fabric and gimp!

Elizabeth. said...

Have you ever been to Narryna? We've a lot of underwear there too.. you should come and check it out!

Sarah B said...

Sounds like a great project - I heard a little about it the other day from Liz. When you mention Smithton's collection, is that over at Stanley? I have spent a lot of time there (Mum's hometown) but am not familiar with a museum. Or is it that place down on the corner near the river?
Look forward to seeing your artwork in response.

Mlle La Revolution des Cache-Pots said...

Narryna is absolutely on our list because I remember all the amazing garments there from when I was a Uni student and used to go and sketch pieces and do my own research for artworks....and I learnt so much about how to tell handmade lace from machine made lace from the lacemaker who worked as volunteer conservator (only my pregnant brain cannot remember her name, which is shameful!)

The Museum in Smithton is in an old general store on the street corner down near the river...though I cannot find any listings for it online or much info at all....its in the process of being re-launched I think!


sammiam said...

Tara, it's funny that you speak of Franklin House in this post... My very next email to you was, amongst other things, going to include a question regarding whether or not you had been to Franklin House! My hubby and I visited there in 2003 following the advice of a friend living in the Deloraine area. I suspected that you may have! The exhibition sounds exciting, and a wonderful excuse to return for another visit.
On textiles - in 1997, I spent an amazing couple of months at the Fremantle Maritime museum (WA) assisting the textile conservator with the restoration of a collection of 1920's bathing costumes. There was to be an upcoming exhibition - unfortunately I returned to Melbourne and never followed it up. I wonder whether my handy(??) work was visible (of course it shouldn't have been!)
have fun with your explorations of all things "intimate"!
I await my purse with anticipation!!!