Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New cushions for 'Hilbarn New Vintage' store in Tasmania

A friend of mine, talented journalist Hilary Burden, and her partner Barney have opened a lovely little country store called Hilbarn New vintage, at Karoola in Northern Tasmania...and she asked me to make her some cushions for the store (and a magazine feature! Yay, I hope these cushions work well for her and the photographer?!)

also has a fabulous Fresh Produce Delivery service in and around Launceston and this is something I feel passionately about....and just wish we lived a little closer to town to enjoy the benefits of this service (luckily we have productive vegetable gardens and fruit orchards at both our parent's places which we can raid regularly!).

Hand and freehand machine embroidery on silk, with jacquard woven hemp backing and Australian feather inserts, each cushion measures 60 x 30cm.

I'm really pleased with how the Peony Teapot cushion worked out...its quite hard to see this one go away, actually!


Sarah B said...

Super gorgeous!!!

P.K said...

The cushions are stunning, beautiful work! I especially like the peony teapot cushion.

Girl About Asia said...
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Girl About Asia said...

Patently losing the plot on the last comment so am starting again!

I just love your work. Are you going to be posting some of the cushions you sold at Tiger & Peacock on your Etsy site? You can't purchase from T&P online and I really can't justify a trip to Melbourne to buy a cushion however fabulous it is!