Thursday, 25 March 2010

Anatomy of a Tea Cosy commission, March 2010

I currently have a tea cosy and cushion commission for a client in Sydney and thought I would document the process, for a change!

So to start with, the cosy is based on one I've already made for friends, and this current cosy will have personalised changes to suit the client- a different car, birds instead of Coco the Wonderdog, etc...

So we begin, by pinning one side (and then giving it to my talented, able and obliging mother, Claire, to stitch down while I progress with a million other jobs and get to the involved embroidery stage, thanks so much mum!!)


Sarah B said...

This will be great to see as it progresses. I am soooo not good at letting anyone touch any of my work to help in any way. I really should relax a little!!

Mara said...

Hi Tara! I've reached your amazing blog thanks to Sarah who has commented on a post of mine regarding tea! She tells that you makes wonderful tea cosy, so I've run to see your blog!!! I love your works!!! And now I'm a folower!!! I will come again and again to visit you!!!
have a nice Sunday!!!