Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Finally, a new posting after many computer issues and blogger being 'out of sorts' for a few days there. After posting the last entry I have received these images of a young woman called Miss Gingerfluff, sent in by her sister, Mrs Brockford. Miss Gingerfluff wears a traditional tea cosy head dress typical of Central Northern Tasmanian communities, and since she is engaged to be married, she wears two tea strainers belonging to her own mother's family, and to that of her future husband's family. She is a staunchly proud young woman which is evident in the pride she takes in her dress and pristine condition of her cosy and strainers. This indicates she is from a fairly conservative and reasonably affluent local family and is marrying into a similar social niveau.

If you have any images or information on tea cosy dress practices from your part of the world, I would love to feature them on this blogspot (they are fictional and rather silly constructs, though I love the idea of creating a fictional/real heritage for tea cosies which sees them participating in various cultural/social roles! Invent anything you like!)

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Fer48 said...

She looks like she's had too much lemon in her tea! Great to see you back in 'blog world'.