Saturday, 17 November 2007

Teacosy* Revolution Teaparty and Cosy making day at Ravenswood Primary, Tasmania...making the tea

Making tea for the 28 schoolgirls, the teacher and myself! This teapot is an ex-Shearing Shed mainstay by the looks of it's repairs and wear. One of those fabulous teapots that carries so many years of hard working experience with it, and makes a damn fine cup of tea!
Showing off the skirt I made for special occasions such as Teacosy* Revolution Teaparties. The embroidered text on my right hand backside (not a pregnant belly, just an awkward angle!), is in French, "Ouvrage de longue haleine", which translates as "A work of long duration; a tedious task". I love the play of beautifully embroidered text carrying such a message.
The tea cosy I'm holding on the teapot was made by a little old lady in Launceston (Tasmania), who sells her cosies through the local CWA (Country Women's Association), shop. I bought another one she'd made with an Australian Rules footballer kicking a goal embroidered on it, for a friend's baby boy last year too! A gift that keeps giving...The textile teacup and saucer in my hair was made by my mother, textile and freehand machine embroidery artist, Claire Badcock. I love it and wear it whenever possible.

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