Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The Teacosy* Revolution prepares for an Australian Summer!

This is 'Teacosy* Number 14; 1930'3 Kitchen Cupboard Cosy', I made recently for an exhibition at Craft Queensland's 'Store' for their Christmas show called "CHERISH 2007" (web link details to follow after the image of the 'Indian Summer cosy'). This tea cosy draws on my childhood memories of visiting elderly people whose kitchens seemed suspended in the 1930's, with their colour scheme of yellow and green. Perhaps this is typically Australian/Tasmanian memory. What colour do you associate with a 1930's kitchen?! You can reply directly to my email: teacosyrevolution@gmail.com...but please no spam, etc!

1 comment:

Fer48 said...

I love the colours! You're right, very 1930's hangover but so 'now' (I know - arty wanky thing to say!)