Wednesday, 21 November 2007

"Home Ec., Happy little home maker?" 2007

This artwork is for the CAST (Contemporary Art Services Tasmania), members exhibition next month. I used a found teacup and saucer and applied hand embroidered designs and imagery with glue (not very sophisticated though effective enough!), to depict a young woman chained to the sink and surrounded by dishes to be washed, on the interior of the cup; with the exterior of the cup displaying floral foliage and two cats perhaps in pursuit of the Australian Blue Wren bird?! My feminist statement by making this artwork: Inside every home is a woman fed up with cleaning, screaming to go to the Opera or travel the world...! (well, thats the kindergarten's basically an autobiographical artwork about feeling fed up with domestic calm and perceived female duties to the household!)


Fer48 said...

That's just plain spiffy! I do so love the design on the saucer, you're such a clever girl!

Anonymous said...

Obviously a little bit of nostalgia for the recent kitten visitors!

(The Exton gardener)